Sunday, November 8, 2015

Clay Crafts of India

Clay Crafts of India is an ancient art form dating back to more than 1000 years. The remnants of clay pottery that is found in the sites of Indus Valley Civilisation points to the highly skilled potters who were present even in ancient India. Red Ware was the most popular clay craft in the late Vedic Age. According to myths and traditions clay art was originated by the Potter. Potter the synonym of Prajapati is also revered as Lord Brahma, the creator, created human beings from clay. According to mythology, when Lord Shiva came to marry Sati, the need of an earthen pot was required. So Lord Shiva took two beads from his necklace and gave birth to a male and female forms who are the first moulder of "Kumbha". So the potter is also known as kumhaar. Clay as a material is difficult to control at all stages and the potter has to be constantly diligent from beginning to end, in order to avoid damage or breakage. The culminating fire which will turn plastic clay into permanent terracotta is the most hazardous operation of all. 

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